Price List

Massage therapy Kelowna

Kelowna Massage Price List

Massage Prices

1 Hour – $80

1.5 Hour – $110 

(All prices include tax)

Hot-Stone-Massage Kelowna

Kelowna Hot Stone Massage


Reduce stress, relieve tension, relax and rejuvenate with a Spa Hot Stone Massage. Warm basalt stones are combined with essential oils and restorative massage techniques leaving your body relaxed and tension free. Relaxing and healing.


1 Hour Hot Stone Massage – $100
1.5 Hour Hot Stone Massage – $130


Although benefits are received with one session – there is so much more to be gained when incorporated regularly into your routine! Packages have been created to offer a price discount to people that intend to come regularly – whether it’s to work on a specific health issue, to alleviate stress, as a part of a self-care plan, to increase wellness etc. etc. The more time you invest in “you” – the more rewards you will experience – physically, mentally and emotionally!

Six – 60 Minute Sessions – package price – $430
Six – 90 Minute sessions – package price – $590
Ten – 60 Minute Sessions – package price – $680
Ten – 90 Minute Sessions – package price – $935

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