Salad Essentials

The beautiful thing about clean eating and creating meals is you really can’t go wrong when you combine whole foods.  Here are some of the essentials to think about when building a salad that will be entirely different each time:

  • Greens – as a base add two or three different types of greens, multiplying your health benefits while giving your palette variety and interest …..think romaine, green leaf, red leaf, spinach, arugula …
  • Veggies – cucumber, shredded beet or carrot, celery, radish, sprouts, avacado, green onions, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, roasted brussel sprouts etc etc – change it up everytime and your salads will never be boring
  • Protein – many greens and veggies are sources of protein as well but add one of the following for an added boost to your meal:  beans, tempeh, salmon, sardines, nuts and seeds, or other source as desired
  • Probiotic – we are feeding our microbiome and nourishing our gut health with every meal as well so add something fermented for the health benefits and also for flavour:  kimchi, sauerkraut, tempeh etc
  • Carbohydrate – adding a carbohydrate to the salad will give you that full feeling that will really sustain your appetitie without feeling heavy and bloated.  Things to add:  a slice or two of sweet potatoe or squash, a few tablespoons of quinoa etc