Tia is a truly gifted healer, and a rare gem in our city! After suffering a ruptured brain aneurysm and a stroke two years ago, I have few therapies that offer relief from ongoing dizziness and body aches.  Tia’s soothing clinic and compassionate listening offer much relief and I look forward to every session.  It is clear that this modality of work is her calling!  She is deeply intuitive and knows exactly what to work on.  Her professionalism is also remarkable.  Always a pleasure.  I feel so blessed to have Tia as part of my care team.  Thank you, Tia!  

Ruthann L.


The best massage ever, I’m always coming back.  

Monica K.  


Tia helped me with a very painful shoulder problem.  Seems like the pain is gone in only 1 session.  When she works on you it seems like she is very gently putting things back into place where they belong ….and it works!  

Patty L.


When I moved in town a few years ago,  I had to find a new massage therapist.  Tia has been my go to for years.  She knows what she is doing and has a nice mix of techniques to get the job done.  Being an avid cyclist and an avid skier, I always have issues with my legs being too tight which ends up pulling on my hips and lower back.  Tia is really good with deep tissue massage and does cupping as well. When you need to get the job done, go see Tia.  

Stephan B.


I had so much neck and shoulder pain it was affecting my sleep.  Tia relieved most of the “knots” in only two visits. I am on my way back for a third to get the last of the deep,deep blockage.  The massage is gentle, yet deep enough and very relaxing.  I felt in extremely capable hands.



I have been coming to Tia for over 3 years now.  Her massage treatments are fantastic.  Even if I do not have a specific problem area or pain she is able to find areas that require attention.  I have tried numerous massage therapy treatments elsewhere in the Kelowna area prior to finding Tia and she is the best!  I would recommend Tia.



Tia is a fantastic massage therapist.  I can’t even begin to tell you how tight my calves and shoulders were, and I’ve been to many massage therapists over the years with no luck in loosening them.  In one session,my calves and shoulders/neck felt amazing.  I’ve been recommending her to everyone I talk to.



Tia is amazing.  She can locate tight muscles that I didn’t even know existed!  She has given me tremendous relief that I must recommend her to others.  So knowledgeable, amazing hands, takes the time to listen and make suggestions.  Go see her!  You won’t be disappointed.



Thank you Tia!

Honestly I could write a ton, however will keep it as brief as I can. At the risk of losing my cherished time slots 🙂 – If you are in any way struggling with tension, tightness, chronic muscle or simply need a way to rejuvenate, do yourself a favor and connect with Tia. Really. No Joke.

A bit of backstory. I’ve been struggling with some fairly severe (life limiting) chronic issues for the last 3 years. Their origins seeded decades ago, one part genetics and two parts a myriad of sports injuries and such. Working with a team that included Fitness, Chiro, Physio and Kinesiology we were making progress, however it was slow and had stalled.

On a flight home, seriously tired of the pain, I reached out to Tia and booked an appointment for the day after I got home. That was 10 weeks ago.

Today I am all but pain free. I feel incredible. I cherish and look forward to my sessions with Tia. We are making massive progress and it is inspiring. I tell her she’s got magic in her hands. I’m convinced of it. For the first time since Oct 2017 I was back on the range comfortably hitting balls – something that was fully out of the question 11 weeks ago. Going to bed pain free, waking up pain free, living with a feeling of wellness is wondrous and I’ve not known this feeling for a very long time.

BTW, I’ve not seen my other team in months since Tia and I started working together.

I’ve no idea what really brought us together, I believe there was a reason and it’s quite likely the exact same thing that has you here, reading this. My only advice – make the call.


Shawn B


I have been going to see Tia for a few years now.  She has always made me feel comfortable, and has always listened and cooperated with me through all of my healing and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to try craniosacral therapy for the first time.



Tia came highly recommended by a couple of friends and rightly so.  She listens carefully to your feedback and adjusts sessions accordingly.  I have been attending other therapies for a while now, but the best results have been achieved with Tia.

John S.


I have been seeing Tia for over a year.  We have been treating my motion sickness with craniosacral therapy.  I am off the heavy medication and visit Tia every 6 weeks.  She is highly skilled and talented therapist.  Easy to talk to.  Her style of therapy is unique and Tia works with you to make your body respond.  I recommend Tia at CranioSacral Therapy and Massage 100%.



Tia is an amazing therapist. She has used multiple techniques to treat some pretty chronic issues that I have had over the years. A true healer!



I have been coming to Tia for a year now with issues related to neck and back strain.  She is one of the few that have been able to relieve me from pain significantly.  She certainly knows her massage technique and also with cupping which was something new to me.  I would highly recommend her for any issues you have with muscle strain or neck pain. Highly skilled, easy to talk to and a friendly gentle person.

Pamela M.


Tia is an amazing and talented masseuse!  I have had hundreds of massages before and hers was a Top 3!  Highly recommended.  She knows what she’s doing!

Tiffany C.


I have had chronic neck, shoulder and upper back pain for years.  I have had many people work on these areas yet it still strongly persisted.  When I came to see Tia I was amazed at what her treatment had done for me.  The pain had eased up and I finally felt that I would be able to truly heal and be pain free.  Tia is wonderful and her ability to make one feel cared for and comfortable is very encouraging.  I am elated to have been referred to Tia and I highly recommend her for the journey in the healing process.  Tia I am grateful for your gift.  Thank you.

 Debra S.


I strongly recommend Tia Cherneski.  I have been to many practitioners over the years and Tia’s methods have produced the best results by far.  Her empathy and attention to detail is unparalleled.  It is great to be treated by a health care practitioner that really cares.

Mike R.


Tia is amazing.  Her area is very relaxing.  She really knows what she is doing and treating.  She never runs late.



Tia Cherneski is a very gifted healer.  Tia provided each of our guests at A Home Away with weekly massage therapy for over four years.  Our guests unanimously praised and commented on Tia’s unique abilities and intuitive techniques.  Tia is very conscientious, trustworthy, hardworking and talented.  I highly recommend Tia Cherneski on a business level, and also on a personal level.  Tia possesses a quiet, humble, and powerful presence.

Jane Derry, A Home Away, Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program, Kelowna


Amazing experience – best massage of my life. Tia is friendly, personable and I plan to return many times in the future.

Zoey P.


For over a year now, I have been experiencing amazing results from the treatments I have had with Tia.  I am sincerely grateful to have been introduced to such a highly trained professional with a love and passion for her career and all mankind.  Her hands on approach has been both physically and emotionally healing and has alleviated chronic pain in so many parts of my body.  I really believe that people are put together at just the right time to help each other, and I know in my heart that Tia has done this for me.

Thank you Tia for your caring, compassionate and healing touch.

Debra P.


 Our organization has had the pleasure of enjoying Mobile Massage services from CranioSacral Therapy & Massage at a number of our Caregiver Workshops and it has always been an amazing experience. We work with families who are coping with serious illness in the family and having the opportunity to learn, connect and relax at our workshops is essential. The Mobile Massages are an important part of our day – it incorporates self care and the soothing power of touch. A must have for any company or organization that is seeking to provide a respite from the everyday.

ALS Society of BC

Lisa Hercus, Director of Patient Services


  I highly recommend Tia as an extremely qualified professional, and skilled massage practitioner.  She is ever striving for excellence through a commitment to regular professional development which is evident in the work she does and the value she brings her clients.  Tia has an exceptional intuitiveness, empathetic sense, and gentleness of soul and manner.  She contributed very significantly to the healing of the guests at A Home Away Inc. over several years.  Our guests looked forward to their weekly massage with Tia with anticipation, always expressing gratitude for her healing touch, kind caring manner, and the therapeutic benefit they experienced.

John Derry, A Home Away, Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program, Kelowna


Tia offers a very relaxing atmosphere with quiet music playing.  The health, welfare and comfort of her patients is her prime concern.  I have been to other therapists for craniosacral therapy –  I put Tia at the top.  She is a very concerned therapist that I recommend to others.  She has a wonderful smile and gifted caring hands.

Shirley G.


  Thanks for taking the time!