Today’s Choices Create Tomorrow’s Health

We live in a culture that glorifies busy-ness.  Our to-do lists seem to grow in every area of our lives and while those expectations pile higher and higher for our friends, families and work; we often lose sight of the things we need to do to keep our own selves healthy, balanced and well.     Society may give us a badge of honor for sucking it up and pushing on in the short-term but there is a cost in the long term.  We can only hang on by a thread for so long before something breaks.

Some of the very basic ingredients for health that may be taking the back seat in favor of our perceived need for busy-ness are:

Nutrition – Our bodies need to be fueled with good food not fast food …with crazy schedules and commitments, cooking may not be a possibility but with lots of healthy pre-made alternatives today, regular fast-food doesn’t need to be the fall-back.

Sleep –  We need sleep to regulate, repair and re-build our bodies, putting in longer days and short-changing our sleep can lead to many health ailments and is a big disservice to both the body and mind. We are more effective in everything we do when we are well rested.

Exercise – Movement is good for the mind and body and can’t be replaced by food or supplements.  There are so many benefits to our entire physiology.  You don’t have to book a class, which may feel like one more thing on the to-do list …any exercise or movement will bring these essential benefits.

Socialization – We are social beings and being with people is good for our health.  When life feels too busy, cutting out time with friends and family is not the answer, we need this for our well-being.

Joy/Fun – we all need to do things that bring us joy, fun, laughter, fulfillment, happiness … this is what fuels our energy doesn’t take it away.


This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but take inventory, and if something resonates make a change.  There may be something that has unintentionally taken a backseat and perhaps it is time to bring this back into the  forefront of your life.  The irony is if we think we have no time to do these things for ourselves now we eventually will be forced to take the time later due to either physical, mental or emotional break-down.  Massage at CranioSacral Therapy and Massage is offered to help people prioritize their selfcare in today’s  busy world.    Getting regular massage also helps deal with the acute problems that people may otherwise ignore so that they don’t become chronic.