De-Stress this Holiday – Book a Massage!


De-stress this holiday - book a massage!

De-stress this holiday – book a massage – Kelowna, BC!

Stressed out over the holidays?  You are not alone.  It is rather sad that an occasion that symbolizes peace and joy has become one of the most stressful times of the year for many people.  The exuberant expectations in our society around gift-giving, entertaining, cooking, decorating, socializing, keeping up with the Jones’s appears to be raised from year to year.  In addition to this we are bombarded with images that show happy people, loving relationships, and close families enjoying festivities together.  As this isn’t the reality for everybody,  it can definitely bring up a lot of feelings of sadness, loneliness and discontent!

This season be proactive  – take care of yourself – put yourself on the top of  your gift-giving list!  Give your self the gift of time – take an an hour that is dedicated to You and book a stress relieving massage.  Breathe, and take a break from the frenzied energy that prevails this time of year and take the opportunity to release stress and re-charge.   End the year with you looking after you – you are worth it – and a de-stressed “You” benefits everyone – start with booking a massage!!