Top 5 Reasons To Buy a Massage Package

Tope 5 Reasons to buy a massage package - Kelowna, BC


Kelowna Massage Packages consist of a series of massages that are pre-paid at a discount price.

The Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Massage Package are:


1.  It  helps you commit and prioritize your well-being.  Even with the best intentions to look after yourself something else always comes up, calls your name, and you end up postponing looking after You.  Investing in a massage package pre-commits you to booking time for your self – and helps habituate a healthy practice.

2.  For the health benefits!  There are journals upon journals, studies after studies, proving the vast benefits of massage.  Who wouldn’t want that more in their life?  When we feel good everything else we do in life works better!!

3.  Because you are worth it.  Just the act of purchasing  a massage package is self-esteem boosting as it is saying to yourself  “I am worth it – I deserve it – my health and well-being are important – I am important!!!”

4.  Saves you money.  You can save up to $200 by purchasing a package rather than  individual sessions – now that is an incentive!

5.  Because it feels good – need I say more?

There are several different massage packages available in Kelowna, check out the options on the “prices” page.